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New Music out now.


Live Videos

These were taken on Nov. 17th, 2012 in Louisville, KY, at Uncle Slayton’s.


November Tour Dates

To Light A Fire November Tour Dates:

Friday Nov. 9th-Cincinnati, Ohio: Sitwells Coffeehouse and Bar

Saturday Nov. 10th-Columbus, Ohio: The Tree Bar

Monday, Nov. 12th-Cleveland, Ohio: The Barking Spider Tavern

Tuesday, Nov. 13th- Ann Arbor, Michigan: Blind Pig – Ann Arbor, MI

Thursday, Nov. 15th- Indianapolis, Indiana, Melody Inn

Friday, Nov. 16th-Lexington, Kentucky: The Green Lantern Bar

Saturday, Nov. 17th-Louisville, Kentucky: Uncle Slayton’s


Darkest Hour

Check out our new song “Darkest Hour” Its one of the 4 on our new EP. The physical copies are available only at our shows but all four songs are available for free download on our soundcloud page.
Check out the new song and the rest of our music by clicking Here.


Montevallo Show Cancelled

We are no longer playing at Eclipse today (October 4th.) We we reschedule for a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I Look At You Music Video


Drowning Video


New Music is Up.

Our two new songs are now up on the website on the music page (under media). Enjoy.


New Music!!

We have just put out our first two new songs. We’ll have them up on the website in a more substantial way in a week or so. However if you want to listen to them or grab a free download just go to our soundcloud. http://tinyurl.com/7anzfjq


TLAF Update 2/1/12

Although the unchanging website and stagnant Facebook page may indicate that we are standing still, the opposite is actually true. The surface of the water may be still but the undertow is stronger than ever (that’s a metaphor, by the way, I’m not actually talking about water).

We’ve been working hard in the studio and we are putting the finishing touches on the first of our new songs to be released in February. We’re also in the process of making a music video for the song which will be done in the next couple of months. We’re going the extra mile with it and so although its going to take awhile to get in its completed form we’re pretty excited about it.

More than anything we’ve just been practicing and perfecting our art. We’re got lots of brand new songs and new ideas are coming every day. Starting in February we’ll be releasing one song a month until we run out of songs.  Lots of shows in the works for late spring/early summer. Thanks so much for your support.




Studio Photos

We went into the studio today and began work on our songs for December.  We thought we’d share some quick photos we took of the days work.

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